• Brand Guidelines

    An overview of what makes the Old Gamers FightClub a successful lifestyle brand.


    Brand Overview

    Who is OGFC? Our Unique Selling Proposition


    What our business is — Lifestyle Ecosystem for the FGC.


    Whom we serve — The adulting members of the FGC.


    How we are doing it — Communities, Tournaments, Merch & Events.


    Are core values — Adulting, Nostalgia, Community, Energy

  • Mission and Vision

    The mission of the Old Gamers FightClub is to create a

    lifestyle ecosystem for the adulting members of the



    Our vision is to create an energetic place of leisure and growth within the ecosystem. Using fighters to affect play and work.

  • Values

    Acceptance — Understanding of every kind of OG journey.


    Nostalgia — Celebrating the things that brought us to this point in life.


    Community — Growing the culture of gaming and the gamers.


    Energy — Energy to keep going is hard. But we pull it from deep - Hadoken.


    Competitiveness — No matter the ability or rank. We enjoy the battle.

  • Brand


    The OG FighClub started as a way to validate more video game playing time while balancing work-life harmony and other adulting goals. Feeling like an old man of the FGC, and never attending events or even keeping up with the latest — Alan Davis was hoping to stream fighting games to be more dedicated to the community.


    After learning that streaming wasn’t for him, he decided the Fightclub would work best as an ecosystem for like-minded gamers. Those with the car, career and crib — who don’t have time or energy to be great. It started with an Instagram account (re)posting nostalgic and adulting gaming memes and slowly grew from there.

  • Pillars

    Adulting — We all have things to do, support a family, pull extra hours on a shift, or dealing with aging, soccer practices...whatever. We celebrate and create around everything adulting so that OG's can enjoy that hobby again.


    Nostalgia — Back to when we fell in love with gaming and (nerd) culture in general. OGFC leans into nostalgia to make the OGs feel good about the times and games they grew up on.


    Gameplay — We are at a point where we admire games more than we play them. Or our timing and reactions just aren’t what they used to be. OGFC encourages and celebrates OGs playing games and feeling good about the level they can compete in at this stage in life.


    Experience — Beyond playing the game we hope to make a full 360 experience that creates a club for the OGs to exist, come together and have fun based on the hobby that we live.

  • Brand Positioning Statement

    OG FightClub is a lifestyle brand and ecosystem that is dedicated to the adulting members of the FGC. We make a place for those guys to exist and keeploving the hobby they grew up with.

  • Target Market

    OG Fightclub’s target market are the members of the FGC who still love the genre buy have kids, busy careers, mortgages and other adulting that keeps them from being great at fighting games.



    Age —25-75

    Gender — Any

    Income — 35k and up



    Lifestyle —

    Values —

    Interests —



    Purchasing Habits —

    Media Consumption —

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    You Are One

    We Are Many


    Brand Identity

    Who Are We?

    The Old Gamers FightClub is a lifestyle brand exploding with personality and energy. It's for the OGs who like a little quality with their arse-kicking. A contrast of old and new. Nostalgia and technology.

  • Tagline

    1. You are one, We are man


    2. For the Weekend Warriors and Armchair Athletes.

  • Logo

    There are two primary logos for the Old Gamers FightClub. Logo usage for the Old Gamers FightClub is a mix of professional, promotional and

    self-depricating. It looks good and looks bad all at the same time. In the words of Troubleshooter "Have a Good Time."


    Big Harada Energy — The logo is used for most purposes.


    Kill Bill — The old-school logo used for retro purposes.

  • Big Harada Energy

    Kill Bill

  • Colors

    The OG colors of Yellow and Black are inspired by the movies "Game of Death" and "Kill Bill". Whatever the philosophy is, apply that here.

  • background image
  • Photography

    Photography for the OG FightClub should be bold, colorful and highly contrasted. Bright images with heavy darks and blacks.


    Lifestyle images of adulting. Or nostalgic references.


    All images should include real people with the logo over the face to complete the story.

  • Typography

    The Old Gamers font is Futura.

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    Use a text section to describe your values, show more info, summarize a topic, or tell a story.

    Futura medim


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    This is for the OGs...

  • Voice

    The Old Gamer FightClub has Big Harada Energy. We are old but energetic. We are nostalgic but ready for fun. We are bold but supporting. We are informed and want you to do better.


    Grown A$&* Kiding - We talk about having kids and careers, want you to get off our lawn but we're still big kids at heart.


    Nostalgic - We talk about the good old days and the way things used to be.


    Self-Depricating (Sorta) - We are old and maybe not so good at these games. We don't care.


    Energetic - We are excited about the hobby that we love.


    Do's & Dont's

    This is coming soon. This is open source. Go have fun.